Emily & Andrew : Destination Wedding in Breckenridge Colorado!

Emily and Andrew traveled from Minnesota to be married against a beautiful backdrop of the Colorado High Country, set at Elk Ridge Ranch in Breckenridge.  Of course Emily and Andrew wanted to take a piece of Colorado back home with them and it was my pleasure to provide just that.  Wedding photography is about telling a story by capturing beauty, elegance, and special moments. Moreover, I believe wedding photography is about providing a means to relive those moments over and over again.  It’s one thing to capture a nice photograph of the Colorado Mountains, but another thing altogether to capture the relationship of those same mountains within the context of such a special occasion. This “relationship” style of photography implores the senses to relive what we experienced that day.  Believe me, it all goes by so quickly that our only hope is to hang on to the feeling for as long as we can.  For those who were unable to share the experience of the day, we aim to cater to their senses as well.  It is my sincere hope that years from now, when Emily and Andrew’s kids view mom and dad’s wedding album, it will not be necessary to explain the wonder of the day – they will just know.

Wedding photography must tell a story. On one hand, I know that if I click the shutter enough times, the story will tell itself. On the other hand, it is important to know who’s story we are telling and what parts of that story are most important to them.  On a rudimentary level, marriage is transition.  As the song goes, “well a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home”, it speaks about transition on many levels. Over the years, I have photographed many such transitions; none more powerful than those between a bride and the two most important men in her life.  It’s hard to find the right words, but what a privilege to share the experience.

I was joined for the day by Bart Lillie of Awaken Photography. Bart is a talented photographer and contributed many great story-telling images to the day, including many in this post!

Emily & Jon Married at Sapphire Point : A Colorado Mountain Wedding

Emily and Jon traveled from their home in Nebraska all the way to Colorado to be married at Sapphire Point, overlooking beautiful Lake Dillon.  After a quiet ceremony under a perfect Colorado blue sky, we spent some time together making some memorable images.  A fun tradition Emily and Jon have had since they started dating is – whenever they go someplace special, they “jump” for the camera.  And jump they did!  Judging by the air time involved, it was easy to see these two have had plenty of practice!  Another fun and exciting hobby they have is sailing.  So, after finishing up at the point, we drove down to the marina on Lake Dillon where Emily had made prior arrangements with a local member of the marina to let us take some photos on their sailboat. Tons of fun!

So – when I ask what are you planning that will make your wedding day special and unique to you, this is what I’m taking about.:)

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Eliza & Derik Denver Park Wedding

I had the rare opportunity to photograph Eliza and Derik a week prior to their wedding day. Due to restrictions on the actual wedding day, they elected to conduct their wedding portraits in advance.  This was great, because it was just us and Eliza’s mom, who came along to help out.  No pressure, no timelines, just a lot of fun!  Derik had not yet seen is beautiful bride in her wedding dress, so of course we started with a “1st look”, which is a fun non-directed sequence to break the ice and get us off and running. We then headed off to Cheesman Park in downtown Denver to shoot the rest of their session in the Pavilion located inside the park.  The Pavilion is public, but we were lucky and had the place to ourselves for most of the time. Here are just a few of the images from the session.

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Suzanne & Aaron: Day-after session

Suzanne and Aaron traveled from North Carolina to be married on May 4th at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs.  Since we had only met one time prior to their wedding day, Suzanne and Aaron were unable to schedule a couple’s portrait session prior to their wedding date. No problem; we simply moved it to a “Day-after” session. This was so much fun because they elected to wear their wedding clothes!  And so it was, the next day Randy and I met Suzanne and Aaron in the resort lobby and we headed out on to the golf course for a session to remember!  Traveling by golf cart, we cruised around the golf course and found several locations to capture our newlyweds showcased against the Rockie Mountains.  Perfect!  The weather was not the greatest, but we braved the cold and wind just long enough to capture some awesome images.  Finally, we came back to warm up by the fire and, of course, more photos. :)  Here are some of my favorites!View full post »

  • Hannes Uys - July 12, 2013 - 6:33 pm

    I love the fresh tones of your photography Steve!

Jennifer & James Married in Breckenridge!

Meet Jennifer and James, married on February 8, 2013 at a private residence in Breckenridge, CO.  Together with over 30 of their closest friends and family, they rented the entire house and enjoyed a week of skiing and celebration leading up to the wedding.  Since the gondola was only a couple of blocks from the house, this was pretty close to ski in/ski out. Nice! From the moment Randy and I arrived, everyone was very casual and laid back. No pressure, stress, hustle or bustle, just fun loving and happiness all around.  The mountains had been getting good snow all week – but not today! We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 30s. Of course we “toughed” it out for some fun outside photos.  Hey, if the girls and their sleeveless dressed can handle it, so can we!:)Congratulations to Jennifer and James; thanks for including us on your wedding day!View full post »

  • David - November 7, 2013 - 9:13 pm

    Looks like a fun day — captured well!