August 23, 2014 was a special day for Megan and Robert – they were to be married! And as fortune would have it, they invited me along to capture and share the experience. – how exciting!  From the very start, we went full tilt all day.  As is usually the case, our journey starts in the bedroom… then on to the golf course, over to the buckboard, onto the dance floor, up to the bathroom, back to the dance floor, out to the golf course, again the buckboard, run to the golf cart for a jaunt to the barn, then back to the golf course, into the tent, through to the dining room, and finally back to the dance floor… with shutters clicking the whole way – whew!  But don’t take my word for it – check out the pics!  And of course, no high-country wedding would be complete without a dose (or two) of rain. Yes, more than a few of our portraits were taken in a freezing rain. But, mother nature smiled down on us for a beautiful ceremony!

I was joined for the day by Bart Lille of Jenni and Bart Photography. Bart is an awesome talent and a great guy – we always have fun working together. Many of the images in this post came from Bart’s camera.  But the true measure of a good 2nd photographer is his or her willingness to pose for a test shot. See if you can spot it.:D

One of the funnest segments of the evening was the photo booth. We set it up early in the day and turn everything on during the cocktail hour.  It’s self service and is a ton of fun. Check out a couple of choice strips at the end of this post – including a sequence of Bart and I during our “test” of the equipment.:)

Flowers for the day were provided by Bloom Flower Shop.    Delivered on time, beautiful and stayed fresh all day long.

The officiant for Megan & Robert’s ceremony was Leon Littlebird. I’ve worked with Leon a couple of times and I must say if you are planning a wedding in Colorado, you owe it to yourself to call Leon – his ceremony is an experience like non other.

The venue for the day was the Keystone Ranch Golf Course. With it’s rustic charm and panoramic views, this awesome venue is hard to beat!


Haley and Alex were married on July 26th at the family’s private residence in Breckenridge, CO.  What a beautiful environment for an intimate affair of equal proportions!  The reception was held at the Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge.   With its rustic elegance and sweeping vista views, the Lodge is one of our favorite venues to photograph. Ceremony music was provided by Christen Stephens.  Christen is a great talent and fun to work with!  I was joined for the day by the awesome photographic talent of Randy Cupps. Randy is a great friend and always finds new and creative ways to showcase the weddings we work together.

Congratulations to Haley and Alex – thanks for including us in your wedding!

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    Amazing work! Pic no. 5 is absolutely unbeatable. I’m truly, truly inspired.

On any given Sunday at Sapphire Point in late May, we can usually count on two things; crowds of people and hoards of chipmunks.  On the afternoon of May 25th, 2014, however, Sapphire Point was mostly deserted.  That is, except for a brief period of time when two lovers from Nebraska walked arm in arm down the trail to an overlook that, even on the grayest of days, was quite beautiful.  For Lisa and TJ, the next few moments will define their lives together leading up to now.  They’re getting married!  In all my years of photographing weddings, I have noticed that on even the craziest of wedding days, some constants never waiver.  On a day when ever the chipmunks were nowhere to be found, I was witness to a familiar scene.  A groom nervously fights back tears as he speaks his vows.  A bride, as radiant as a warm summer day, smiles to her groom as she struggles to slip the ring on his finder.  And, despite wearing a sleeveless dress with only a thin cover, she showed nary a goose bump.  That, folks, is focus.:)  In the end, the union is sealed with a kiss – and off we go.  Bring snow, wind and cold. In moments like this, it matters not.  Congratulations Lisa and TJ!

May 11th. Snow… But hey, it’s Denver!  For anyone who has lived here for even a short time, we appreciate the importance of rolling with the punches.  It is the only way.  We embrace our fate and have fun in the process.  Plan B? Pffft! There is no plan B, we’re going plan A!  For Rachel and Dylan, plan A it was. For the record, if you’re planning an outside ceremony but the weather forces you inside, the “inside” may as well be the Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver.  This historical icon of Denver is beautiful inside and out; a perfect setting for a wedding with all the elegance and fun one could hope for.

One particularly special moment between Rachel and Dylan came by way of – not sight – but touch. While many couples today elect to meet each other in advance of the wedding, most like to stick to the time honored tradition of the groom seeing his bride for the first time that day as she walks down the aisle.   Whether or not you want a “first look”, as your photographer, I don’t try to push you in one direction or the other because let’s face it; either way it’s going to be awesome! Instead, Rachel and Dylan asked me to capture a moment between them where they could exchange words and a very emotionally charged touch, leaving the 1st look for the aisle walk.  Perfect!

Once again I was joined for the day by my great friend and partner Randy Cupps. Randy contributed many awesome photos on the day; including many in this post!

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Rachel, Dylan and their families will no doubt enjoy many wonderful memories from their wedding day and I am so glad to have been invited along for the ride. Congratulations Rachel and Dylan!

Emily and Andrew traveled from Minnesota to be married against a beautiful backdrop of the Colorado High Country, set at Elk Ridge Ranch in Breckenridge.  Of course Emily and Andrew wanted to take a piece of Colorado back home with them and it was my pleasure to provide just that.  Wedding photography is about telling a story by capturing beauty, elegance, and special moments. Moreover, I believe wedding photography is about providing a means to relive those moments over and over again.  It’s one thing to capture a nice photograph of the Colorado Mountains, but another thing altogether to capture the relationship of those same mountains within the context of such a special occasion. This “relationship” style of photography implores the senses to relive what we experienced that day.  Believe me, it all goes by so quickly that our only hope is to hang on to the feeling for as long as we can.  For those who were unable to share the experience of the day, we aim to cater to their senses as well.  It is my sincere hope that years from now, when Emily and Andrew’s kids view mom and dad’s wedding album, it will not be necessary to explain the wonder of the day – they will just know.

Wedding photography must tell a story. On one hand, I know that if I click the shutter enough times, the story will tell itself. On the other hand, it is important to know who’s story we are telling and what parts of that story are most important to them.  On a rudimentary level, marriage is transition.  As the song goes, “well a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home”, it speaks about transition on many levels. Over the years, I have photographed many such transitions; none more powerful than those between a bride and the two most important men in her life.  It’s hard to find the right words, but what a privilege to share the experience.

I was joined for the day by Bart Lillie of Awaken Photography. Bart is a talented photographer and contributed many great story-telling images to the day, including many in this post!