Congratulations to Emily and Dave; married at the Evergreen Lake House on September 12th, 2015.  Many of Emily and Dave’s guests were traveling the Eastern US and the Lake House offered the perfect blend of accessibility and rustic mountain charm.  The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all.

I was joined for the day by Eric Bellamy of Stark-bellamy Photography. Eric has a very creative eye and contributed many great photos to the day!


I first met Jessica back in 2006. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding we were photographing. We must have made an impression, because that was the day Jessica knew that I would someday photograph her own wedding.  The only missing component was to meet and fall in love with her groom.  Enter Joe.  Imagine my delight when the call finally came! 🙂

Jessica and Joe were married on July 18th, 2015, high above downtown Denver at the Denver Grand Hyatt Pinnacle Club. At 38 stories up, the Pinnacle Club features spectacular views in every direction. Sure, we could see from Pikes Peak to Longs Peak and beyond, but this day was not all about the view out the window.  For us, we needed to look no further than the awesome spectacle of Jessica and Joe surrounded by the love of friends and family.  From the moment we arrived, the day was easy going, care free, full of beauty and just plain fun.

I was joined for the day by my good friend and partner Randy Cupps. As always, Randy’s talent continues to amaze, contributing many images to the day, including several in this blog post.  From receptions details to fun and memorable behind-the-scenes moments, Randy’s images always help tell the story of the day!

Congratulations Jessica and Joe; thanks for including us in your beautiful wedding!


Meet Emily and Andrew; married on June 14 at the Mount Vernon Country Club above Golden, CO.  Only minutes from Denver, Mount Vernon features stunning views of the foothills to the East and Denver beyond.  This set the perfect Colorado stage for friends and family arriving from all over the country.

Emily is a volunteer at the Birds of Prey Foundation in Denver and we were fortunate to have a few of the birds join us for the day.  An early highlight to our day came when we were able to make some images with Emily holding a magnificent red-tailed hawk.  As beautiful as this bird was, she had nothing on Emily. 🙂  When the two came together, the play of elegance and grace from opposite ends of a spectrum formed a special magic I had never witnessed. Wow, what a treat!

What about Andrew? Well, he was in for a treat of his own, as his bride was escorted by her proud father to join him on the wedding deck for their exchange of vows. Yes, we were in the lower foothills just above Denver, but for the next 30 minutes, we were on top of the world. At long last came the kiss we’d all been waiting for and we were off and running!

I was joined for the day by my long-time friend Randy Cupps. Randy is an awesome photographer and always brings his A game, contributing many great images to the day.

Congratulations Emily and Andrew! Thanks for including us in your wedding celebration!

When Cathy and I were married, our eldest son Daniel was 4 years old.  Reliving that day, almost 25 years ago, the one highlight that always comes up is when Daniel walked his mom down the isle.  It is a great memory we will forever cherish.

On Valentines day, 2014, Karen and Dale created many wonderful memories – not the least of which was when their son walked his mom down the isle.  The moment itself was fast, the room was crowded, maneuvering was a little awkward, and exactly how it all would go was unpredictable.  But it was awesome – not unlike our experience from all those years ago.  As their son grows, so too will the appreciation of that special moment.

Karen and Dale, together with their kids, were married at the Denver Clock Tower in downtown Denver.  I’ve never shot an event there before and all I can say is wow – what an eclectic mix of space, decor, and Denver history!  The good news is – the elevator takes you almost to the top. The bad news is – the elevator does not take you to the top! In fact, upon departing the elevator, the event was spread out between 5 floors of stair-climber goodness.  If you’re attending an event at the Denver Clock Tower, eat your Wheaties! In the end, it was so worth it. Forget the stairs! The venue, views, atmosphere, and most of all – the people – made this a night to remember. Check it out!

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    Stunning work! I cannot even pick my top ten! 🙂

They say if you live in Louisiana and you want snow… well, you have to travel to the mountains of Colorado.  Actually I just made that up, but in this case; it applies. Ashley and Brad eloped to Breckenridge Colorado counting on two things; an exchange of vows that would forever bind them as one… and lots of snow.  And so it was, that on February 2nd, 2015, Colorado delivered the perfect storm.

As Ashley walked out to the wedding deck of The Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge, she beamed a bright smile to her Brad.  There was no processional music, no guests holding up their iPhones, and no flower petals sprinkled on the deck.   I remember the light sound of Ashley’s boots as she stepped onto the deck. I remember hearing the wind blowing across the valley, sending a cloud of snow high into the air, and yet totally calm where we stood. I remember the sun was partially blocked by the wind-whipped snow and even from what must have been miles away, we managed to enjoy some light sprinkles of snow all around us.  For the next 20 minutes or so, each of us basked in what had to be one of life’s rare and perfect moments.

Our wedding officiant was Julie Wright-Kile of Rocky Mountain Dream Weddings.  Julie took the time to get to know Ashley and Brad.  She spoke in soft, reassuring tones, detailing many key moments in their lives leading up to this day – delivering the message as if they had been best friends for years.

Then it was just the three of us and we made the most of our time together, capturing many fun memories.  When, at last our time together was drawing to a close, it was hugs all around.  Finally, Brad told me, “we’ll remember you for the rest of our lives”.  The perfect end to the perfect storm.